Throwing A 60th Birthday Party

60th Birthday Party
60th Birthday Party Celebration

We recently held a 60th birthday party at my home for my favorite uncle. What a wonderful time we had. No matter your age, birthdays are special, whether you’re a six old kid or a 60-year-old adult. The big six-oh is one of those milestone birthdays that call for a


Here are some 60th birthday ideas that will really help you to make the most of the day.

Our birthday guest should be the center of attention. Focus on personal memories and accomplishments of your guest of honor.

Birthday parties for a kid will be different from one for a 60-year-old adult. We did everything to make him feel special. Call their friends and relatives, especially those who haven’t met with him for years. Ask his friends to write a letter to a birthday person sharing their memories – like something funny – what happened when they first met – or any other sentimental event that shows how precious their relationship is.

However, focus on funny memories more than sentimental ones. The guests can share their feelings and recall the best time that they have spent with birthday person. At my uncle’s birthday party, we recalled nostalgic events through greetings. If it seems very difficult to coordinate with your guests and sharing memories through a paper or a greeting card, you can share memories verbally.

Show transition in pictures

Another way to celebrate a 60th birthday party is celebrating with photos. Pictures are the best way to delve into nostalgia and connect with past moments. Contact family and friends ask them to send you a photo of our guest. Make a collage of all photos portraying a transformation from a toddler to a 60-years-old person. This will bring a broad smile to the face of a special person. You can also write a good memory just in one to two lines. If you’re not looking to make a collage, you can use albums and arrange all photos in a sequential order.

Another cool idea to commemorate 60th birthday is sharing messages with videos. We all have embraced technology. You need to put a little effort to create a small video for a message for your birthday special person. You can also involve your guests in sharing messages by a video. Just videotape them when they share a message to a birthday special person. At my uncle’s 60th birthday party, I played a video that displayed all photos of my uncle from his childhood to adulthood.

Another idea is using  60s or 70s themes to make a birthday remarkable. Giving a 60s or 70s theme to a birthday party can make your everyone remember the day forever. Decorate the venue in a retro-style. Use a dress code and dress up in retro-theme such as old-fashioned hairstyles, spectacles or sunglasses etc.

This is the 60th birthday so celebrate it in different ways. You can embellish the cake by highlighting a numeric term, 60. In my uncle’s 60th birthday party, we used a big balloon stating “Happy 60th Birthday my Cute Fellow”.

Food and drinks: A 60th birthday should be regaled with food and drinks. Having some wine and chocolates will be a great idea to add rapture. We served drinks that we knew our guests would enjoy. Have alternatives like juices or pop for those who don’t prefer cocktails. Ensure everyone’s drink tastes delicious.

There are more other 60th birthday party ideas that you can use to celebrate. Most people who can afford a grand function, they seek for singing and dancing renditions too. Decide your budget and celebrate accordingly.